For more than 40 years the Foundation has provided confidential, financial SIS Grants to members facing life-altering hardship. We are here for you with the same passion for sisterhood as when we started the program in 1983.    

Please understand our SIS Grant program is intended to support sisters who have exhausted all other resources including family support and cannot pay for the following life essentials: 1) food; 2) shelter; 3) employment critical transportation and 4) medical needs.

To be considered for a SIS Grant, applicants must be members in Good Standing with Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity. While we value your membership in Alpha Gam, this program does not assist in payment of college tuition or Fraternity membership dues/expenses.    

One-time grants, in an amount up to $1,000 may be requested. As our finances are limited and finite, there is a three-month waiting period before another grant may be requested/received, up to a life-time maximum of $5,000. The financial aid is in the form of a grant; no repayment is required.    

Note: To meet IRS requirements, the application requires financial disclosure. Corresponding documentation (bank statements, etc.) must be submitted to complete the application. We do our best to respond within two weeks following receipt of the completed application by the Foundation office.    

The trustees and staff of the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation send our love and concern to you and your loved ones during this most difficult time. 

Complete a SIS Grant Application


For more information, contact the Foundation Office here or call 317.663.4242.