Helping Sisters in Need

Sisterhood is not a destination, but a journey. As sisters in Alpha Gamma Delta, one of the most important aspects of sisterhood is being there for each other – for a lifetime. To honor that commitment, the Foundation proudly offers aid to our members in need.

SIS Grants

Confidential grants for Alpha Gamma Delta alumnae and collegiate sisters in Good Standing, and, in some instances their dependent family members, who have suffered a severe economic, medical, or similar hardship, who have exhausted all other means of support and are in need of urgent financial assistance. While we value your membership in Alpha Gamma Delta, this program does not assist in the payment of dues. Applicants must be a member in Good Standing with Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity.

SIS Grants are awarded to members in amounts up to a $5,000 maximum lifetime total. Since emergencies arise unexpectedly, applications are accepted at any time. An application and documentation of financial need are required to receive SIS Grants.

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For more information, contact the Foundation Office here or call 317.663.4242.