The Foundation thanks all chapters who donated last fiscal year (June 1–May 31). A special thank you to our 2018-2019 Top 10 Collegiate Chapters for donating at the highest level among their collegiate sisters. Your hard work and dedication allows the Foundation to do so many great things. Thank you!


Delta Rho–Sonoma State University: $49,939

Psi–University of Alabama: $47,100

Gamma Alpha–University of Georgia: $29,031

Epsilon Zeta–Arkansas State University: $24,219

Gamma Xi–Murray State University: $23,892

Gamma Delta–Auburn University: $18,005

Gamma Psi–University of North Alabama: $14,695

Nu Gamma–East Carolina University: $14,496

Beta Tau–Ball State University: $12,774

Delta–University of Minnesota: $12,664


Check out the Fundraising Toolkit for event ideas, sample letters, event timelines, checklists, post-event items and more. If your chapter is looking for a new fundraiser, our Sample Fundraiser is fun and adaptable for chapters of any size.


For more information, contact the Foundation Office here or call 317.663.4242.