In addition to the many other options, gifts of appreciated securities provide a tax-smart way to donate to the Foundation. As a donor of appreciated stock, you may avoid capital gains taxes while receiving an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the gift. Many donors find they are able to make a larger gift using appreciated securities instead of cash.

Please note transfers of stock may take several days; be sure to plan near the end of the calendar or Alpha Gamma Delta's fiscal year (May 31).

It's easy to make a gift:

  • Visit with your financial consultant to confirm a gift of appreciated stock is a tax-smart decision for you.
  • Contact Chris Fedor, Administrative Manager for the Foundation's account information, to inform her of your gift, including stock name(s), number of shares and anticipated date of transfer. It's important we know of your stock gift as electronic transfers are identified by transaction numbers. The name of the donor is not always easily identifiable. The Foundation wants to ensure you receive the appropriate credit and recognition for your gift.


For more information, contact Chris Fedor, Administrative Manager, here or call 317.663.4242.


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